All information about NMNM2020

Vysočina Arena

Vysočina Arena will be opened for fans on Saturday 18th January from 7:45 to 14:00, on Sunday 19th January from 9:00 to 15:00. Spectators can look forward to two zones with big screens and live commentary near the trail and also DJ show in order to enjoy the races and to keep a good track of the race development.

It is forbidden to enter with following objects:

  • alcoholic drinks and drugs
  • dangerous objects, poles longer than 1m, laser pointers, sharp objects
  • umbrellas (stick or folding)
  • glass containers, cans, bottles, mugs that can be broken or smashed
  • sprays, markers, chemicals or colouring substances
  • pyrotechnic objects, torches, weapons and any subjects that can be easily flammable
  • oversized objects such as folding chairs, strollers, sledges, skis, bikes etc.
  • all animals, especially dogs
  • objects producing noise such as sirens and horns
  • objects or any ways (clothes, flags) of promoting racism, xenophobia, or with content supporting violence, vulgar or immoral slogans


Main direction from Germany/Prague

Regensburg/Amberg/Weiden A6/E50 D5 (Plzeň - Pilsen) - D5 (Praha - Prague) - D1 (in the direction of  Brno) exit 119 – Velký  Beranov - 353 (Žďár nad Sázavou) - 19 (Nové Město na Moravě).

Dresden – A17/E55 D8 (Ustí nad Labem) - D8 (Praha - Prague) - D1 (in the direction of Brno) exit 119 Velký Beranov - 353 (Žďár nad Sázavou) - 19 (Nové Město na Moravě)

Main direction from Austria/Brno

Wien – A5/E461 52 (Mikulov) - R52 (Brno) - D1 (in direction to Praha - Prague) exit 162 Velká Bíteš - 37 (in the direction of Žďár nad Sázavou) Žďár nad Sázavou - 19 (Nové Město na Moravě).

Information about parking will be posted during winter.


Can I use my camera in the Arena?

Yes, but with no use of large telephoto lens that could restrict other fans. None of taken photos can be used for further commercial use.

Is it allowed to use binoculars in the Arena?

Yes, binoculars are allowed.

Is is allowed to take a dog inside the Arena?

No, it is forbidden to take a dog or any animal.

Can I take a dog near tracks?

Yes, it is possible to have a dog near tracks but the owner has to keep it on a leash and muzzle, no free movement is allowed.

Is there any special area for wheelchair users in Vysočina Arena?

We recommend to stay above the tubes at the F1 and F2 grandstandes from where they will see the most attractive part of the track.

Where can I leave my skis?

There is no ski storage so better to leave them at home.

Where will be refreshment stands or merchandise?

Merchandise and refreshment stands will be in the Vysočina Arena at labelled places.