Czech team

Kateřina Janatová

1997, Jilemnice

As a kid she raced in downhill skiing. She firstly appeared on cross-country skis at the age of eight but she does not like remembering it because her skis were the worst it could be as she said. She preferrs trainings when the sun is shining and they apply blue extra wax. Her memories of Nové Město are always her falling off inline skates. She regrets there are only distance races here within the World Cup, however, presence of her family and friends will make it all up to her.

Favourite discipline: skate sprint

First appearance in national team: 2016
World Cup premiere:
Participation and standings at World Championship/Olympic Games:
41place at the World Championship in Seefeld 2019 (sprint)
Life success:
8th place at the World Cup in Dresden (team sprint)